Blue Wren Wines has made the 2018 cut!

Blue Wren Wines has made the 2018 cut!

Blue Wren STATE finalist in NSW Business Chamber 2018 Awards

In November at the 2018 NSW Business Chamber State Awards, Blue Wren was delighted to receive the state finalist award for ‘Excellence in Sustainability’.

“Twelve months ago we commissioned an advanced solar power system, consisting of 80 solar panels and three Tesla PowerPacks”, said Paul Mallett, Restaurant Manager at Blue Wren.

“The three PowerPacks collective story approximately 60kWh of electricity”.

“During the day our solar panels provide free electricity allowing us to operate business facilities while concurrently charging our PowerPacks”.

“As the sun sets the PowerPacks provide us [near] sufficient electricity supply for the business to operate throughout the evening”.

“To commission the solar system was not a cheap investment for us; we took it more as a capital expense that would future-proof our business as electricity supply charges continually increase”.

“Already we are seeing a great return on our investment, with previous electricity supply charges of around $400 per week reducing by over 70%”.

As part of the installation, Blue Wren have also installed a Tesla vehicle charging station available for customers to utilise free-of-charge when visiting the property.

“It is always a delight to see guests charging their Tesla vehicles at no charge with electricity provided free from the sun”.

Other elements that contributed to Blue Wren receiving the award for ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ include recycling of bottles and plastics, cardboard packaging, providing raw food scraps to their free range chickens, and the establishment of a worm farm for composting of wet food waste to be used as fertiliser in the Chef’s Garden.

“It’s a delight for the entire team to walk in every day and look at the Tesla PowerPacks and think about what we as a team are trying to achieve in reducing the impact of our operations on the environment in a corporate sense”.